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Calabria: stories and products

Tangerines and oranges

Tangerines and oranges, of different varieties, contain different vitamins, such as: Vitamins of group B, ascorbic acid, famous for its antioxidant properties and mineral salts. Taste tasty and a bit 'sour, typical of these fruits. Colour ranging from green (immature)...

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Typical regional format, it is a high quality artisanal pasta.It is produced with the best selection of durum wheat semolina and with a slow drying and low temperature. NUTRIATIONAL VALUE TABLE (for 100 gr) Calories Grays of which Saturated Carbohydrates Protein 368...

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live events

Press review

Mediterranean diet, the diet of longevity

Spread the food culture of the countries bordering the Mare Nostrum as an added value for a quality diet and the basis of health and longevity. An event that, through a scientific and productive point of view, enhances the know-how of Italy in the world.

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Calabria, gold medal in food

The Calabrian agri-food products return to Casa Atletica Italiana on the occasion of the European Championships in Berlin.
On the tables of Calabria is party every day. And a colorful piece of Calabria will be in Berlin from 6 to 12 August forItalian Athletics House,

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