6 -12 August 2018, on the occasion of the European Athletics Championships, ITALIAN ATLETIC HOUSE will be the meeting place for all blues in Berlin.
Italian Athletics House, a project FIDAL – Federezazione Italiana Atletica Leggera, will be hosted in the exclusive location Hotel Golden Tulip.
Thanks to Tipics, all Italian companies, even the smallest companies will have the opportunity to participateat this international event through innovative and modern at affordable cost.
With Tipics, Casa Athletica Italia becomes the ambassador of Made in Italy, with the aim of promoting the excellence of food and agriculture and become the meeting point at an international level to promote our wonderful specialties and innovations in the industry. Throughout the event, in fact, in the spaces of Casa Italia will be hosted conferences, exhibitions, tastings and networking events and show cooking.
Tipics is a project developed by the Gtechnology Foundation, named by the Fidal (Italian Federation of Athletics), the only organizational partner of the Italian Athletics Federation.
With Tipics we will all be together in Berlin!



<h1 style=”text-align: left;”><span style=”color: #333399;”>BERLIN 2018 | THE OPPORTUNITIES </span></h1>
<p style=”text-align: left;”><span style=”color: #333399;”><strong>Around 60% of Italian agri-food exports are for the German market, </strong></span><span style=”color: #333399;”>
<strong>Home </strong><strong>Italian athletics may be the opportunity for:</strong></span></p>

<li><strong><strong>Expand to new markets</strong></strong></li>
<li><strong><strong>Internationalisation of the corporate brand</strong></strong></li>
<li><strong><strong>Commercialisation in new innovative markets</strong></strong></li>
<li><strong><strong>Interact directly with a new selected customer (B2B)</strong></strong></li>
<li><strong><strong>Increasing the brand’s credibility through communication activities with testimonials</strong></strong></li>
<li><strong><strong>Supporting Italian territory abroad</strong></strong></li>
<li><strong><strong>Sharing of typical Italian stories and experiences</strong></strong></li>



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