La Italian Federation of Athletics talks about Tipics, hereinafter the article.

TIPICS was created to keep alive the great Italian food and wine tradition through the sharing and promotion of experiences. The platform-community dedicated to the world of Italian food has as its objective the enhancement of the territory, the promotion of producers and the exaltation of the enogastronomic riches of the beautiful country. Athletics, queen of Olympic sports, could not offer the best showcase in 2018 of the European Championship in Berlin, to put under the spotlight of an international food and wine.

TIPICS is products, recipes, territories, producers, experience, stories and a great community for passionate food lovers. At Casa Atletica Italiana the focus is on the Calabria Brand: the Region, its territory, its companies, its products and typical recipes. TIPICS accompanies the Italian athletes in this adventure in Berlin, well aware of the importance of a balanced and healthy diet, along with sacrifices, to achieve great results.


  • create recipes, videos, images, new collaborations and partnerships
  • to talk about your company, your products, the tradition of your territory, your skills and personal characteristics
    share your opinions and reviews, your food experiences, your travel diaries and gourmet guides, your interests

  • to know the Italian producers, the peculiarities on the products, the production techniques, a lot of information on the enogastronomy

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