Mozzarella di Bufala

It is a product born on the basis of local raw materials, with the intention of creating something that did not exist elsewhere. Its ingredients (pasteurized buffalo milk, rennet and salt) show that it is an absolutely natural and naturally artisanal product. Its production process is simple, which allows the product to preserve the typical scent, texture and taste of our land.


United and inimitable, it is recognised as a Campania product of protected origin, it can be produced exclusively in the Campania and neighbouring areas, where the production of mozzarella dates back to ancient times, and today it is the fourth most exported dairy product in Italy, first in the south.

production process

The milk is milked, collected and analysed by a biologist to make sure it is suitable for processing. After a few hours it is treated at temperatures that neutralize any bacteria. Only after these initial steps can it be processed by our master cheesemakers, who transform milk into excellent products. All this is done strictly by hand to offer a niche product. After the production our mozzarella stops in salt water to gain consistency and maximum flavor, and after a few hours ‘can be consumed in complete tranquility.


Calories Grays of which saturated Carbohydrates Protein
278 23 18 1 17

Caseificio La Nuova Casearia di Coppola Enrico & SNC

The Cheese Factory “La Nuova Casearia” was born in Villa Literno, in the unique and typical territory called “dei Mazzoni” in the heart of the province of Caserta…

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