Seasoning ABM IGP – Dens. 1,31

Our Seasoning has a dark brown color, to the nose it has intense and ample notes of aging and to the taste it is full-bodied, balanced and of good persistence.
Excellent accompanied to meats, grilled vegetables and first courses.
It is advised not to submit it to cooking.


D Ricordano srl takes its name from Dodi Ricordano (Dano for friends) who has a long experience in the world of food and wine from Parmigiano Reggiano to wine and balsamic vinegar.
Dodi Ricordano was born into a family of cheesemakers, first his grandfather, then his father who produced Parmesan cheese. They also remember, up to the age of 33, working in the family as a dairyman and since the family also marketed other food products, he was interested in everything from a young age.
In the family there is a balsamic battery that dates back to the birth of grandmother Carmelina 1891. From her grandmother she assimilates her passion for Balsamic Vinegar.
D Ricordano is aimed at the market with a label that immediately identifies the producer and helps the consumer to use the product to the best advantage.

production process

Our seasonings / vinegars are made from the union of cooked must and wine vinegar, of course with the experience of the Master Vinegar maker. The flavours and harmony are acquired over time in the barrels of different woods. The heat in summer favours ripening while winter praises the product and makes it clearer.



Calories Grays of which saturated
Carbohydrates Protein
351 0 0 83 1


Seasoning ABM IGP – Dens. 1,35

Excellent with cheese, fish, desserts, pastry cream, ice cream in particular cornflower and cream and fruit.

D Ricordano S.r.l.

La D Ricordano produces condiments with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI and food condiments made with natural raw materials and without additives.

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