tipics territories

Land of Calabria

Daniela Rabia

Calabria is a land rich in art, nature, culture, traditions, food and wine, beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views, villages where the past with the ancient trades merges with the present with technology and innovation…

La Sila a treasure chest of beauty and hidden treasures

Daniela Rabia

The Sila National Park extends over three of the five provinces of Calabria: Cosenza, Crotone and Catanzaro. La Sila is a treasure chest of hidden treasures, a mystery that cannot be described or explained

The Aspromonte National Park and the charm of unspoilt nature

Daniela Rabia

The Aspromonte massif is now a fascinating national park. More than 65 thousand hectares of biodiversity, 1,500 different species where time seems to have stood still and man reconciles with himself…

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